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Tally Mac Shack is a new food truck that specializes in cuisine mac n’ cheese and brings some amazing variety to the Tallahassee food scene. However, this isn’t your average mac n’ cheese! The dishes are a variety of mac n ‘ cheese specialties such as the Cluck Norris, which is a blue-cheese, pepper jack mac n’ cheese topped off with delicious shredded chicken breast and a kickin’ buffalo wing sauce. Another popular dish is the Snorting Norton, a slow cooked pulled-pork with Gouda and tangy barbecue sauce. The owner, Justin, said he was inspired to start this mac n’ cheese business from his grandmother. She passed down the family mac n’ cheese recipe to him, which propelled his love for the dish and the rest is history!


Tally Mac Shack focuses on customer involvement, making sure the customers feel connected to the company through give-a-ways and social media shout-outs. Justin, the owner says “We are not your average food truck. Trust me, this is just the beginning!”  Tally Mac Shack is about to launchr official location in mid-town, across the street from Paisley Cafe. Justin wasn’t kidding when he said “This is just the beginning!” In fact, there is already talk of launching a second truck due to the success of the first.

Tally Mac Shack want to emphasize a twist on mac n’ cheese dishes, every week they offer select dishes to keep customers on their toes! The truck is currently booked on weekends at local festivals, so definitely try to keep an open eye for them all around Tallahassee. The Tally Mac Shack is, without a doubt, one of the best new places to eat in Tallahassee!! So whether you’re bored on a weekend and want to track the Mac Truck down, or just feel like booking them so your friends can try some of the best food in Tallahassee, the choice is yours. All I know is, the choice should be Tally Mac Shack. 

Call Justin for bookings: 850-296-9317

Follow their social media to keep updated with Tally Mac Shack @tallymacshack

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Taylor Knight, Florida State University Correspondent, Class of 2019

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