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Welcome to Tallahassee, Seminoles!

Located in the Florida state capital and playing home to over 40,000 students, Florida State University is one of the premier schools in the United States.

Founded in 1851, Florida State University was the leading all-girls college until 1947. Over the past 166 years, FSU’s mission statement has been the same: “To preserve, expand and disseminate knowledge” in all aspects of the students’ lives. Since Florida State University treats its students with the utmost respect, students flock to Tallahassee from all over the country. They are the 8th largest college in the state and home to over 40,000 students. Although only the eighth largest, FSU is ranked second-best in all of Florida with a student retention rate of a whopping 92%. Over 70% of students at Florida State have at least one job offer right out of college and are employed post-graduation. However, a large majority of students turn to FSU to further their education and take on the role of graduate school at their favorite University. With over 50 masters and doctorate programs, there are always options for Seminoles to continue their education right at their alma mater, Florida State University!

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Florida State University Students, visit any of the pages below for more information on life as an FSU student.

  • Florida State University
    This is the homepage for the University. Easy to navigate and offers a plethora of knowledge for FSU Students.
  • Office of Financial Aid
    On this page you can find information for loans, financial aid, grants, and scholarships.
  • Division of Student Affairs
    This page offers a wealth of resources for Florida State University, including Rec, Career Center, Housing, Health, and much more!
  • Student Life Center
    Includes movie theater and events such as video game tournaments!! Check out the upcoming movies HERE.
  • Find Apartments near FSU
    • Find a perfect place to live near Florida State University
  • Office of Admissions
    Head to this page for all information related to applying to Florida State University, transfers, graduation, etc.
  • FSU Events Calendar– Check out this page for a list of all upcoming FSU events.
  • FSU Academic Calendar  – Contains all the important dates and deadlines for FSU students.

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