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September 4, 2017 Students Best FSU Clothes, FSU Student Blog

Doak Campbell Stadium Tallahassee Florida

Football game days are practically a religion at Florida State University. We take our football very seriously in this town and that means we take our apparel for football games just as serious. If you’re wondering where to get the best back-to-school looks or the best places to go for your Garnet and Gold fix, we’ve found some locally run shops that can’t be beat! They have everything from rompers, to collared Noles’ shirts. There are even some clothes mom and dad would love to shop for during parents weekend! Having the best attire this season is non-negotiable because let’s be honest, nothing says ‘Beat Miami’ like having a kick-ass wardrobe so you can tailgate harder than UM can.


Barefoot: This Texas based company is making strides in the Tally community as one of the best FSU apparel stores that suits everyone’s needs. They have Florida State Licensing so if you’re looking for a Seminole logo to rep during that away game, this is where you can find it. They print all of their own apparel so everything is unique and made with your style in mind. It’s right on Madison Ave, so the next time you’re out in College Town, be sure to stop in; Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on Barefoot.

Barefoot Boutique Tallahassee Florida

Barefoot Boutique


Henri Girl: The great thing about Henri Girl is that their brand is solely designed for Collegiate Women with our social life, and our bank accounts, in mind. Everyone has clothes to trot to class in, or to lounge around in the apartment in, but finding cute tops for Happy Hour, now that’s a different story. Henri Girl has you covered for all your social excursions but their game day selection is supreme. Their pieces are so interchangeable, and the store layout is very organized so if you don’t have anything to wear at 11 but tailgates to be at by 12, run down to Henri and you’ll be in and out with time to spare!

Henri Girl Tallahassee Florida

Henri Girl


Reef: Reef is a hidden gem in the heart of Tallahassee. Located also on Madison, it could be overshadowed by Henri Girl or Barefoot, but the statement pieces you’ll find at Reef are exactly that pop of originality and class you’ve been meaning to add to your fall wardrobe. It is an all-encompassing boutique that has everything game day related from high quality fashion pieces, to garnet and gold flasks, to statement jewelry and the best part is everything works with your college budget! So the next time you stop at Vale or grab a drink with friends at ‘Madso,’ stop over to Reef, you’ll be glad you did.

Reef Tallahassee Florida



Garnet and Gold Greek Shop: For everyone that wants traditional FSU apparel, check out the Garnet and Gold Greek Shop.  Everything a male college student could want or need to root for their favorite team is all located right here. Parents that are in town for the big game, be sure to make your way down to Pensacola St. beforehand and get any and everything FSU related your heart desires.


Fabrik’: If you’re looking for something original, trendy and classy, Fabrik is the place to go. Their clothing is very high quality and made to last through those muddy, rainy tailgates, or while sweating in the cramped student section during a rowdy game. They don’t sell their product in bulk and everything you buy only has a few others left available in the store so you don’t have to worry about matching every girl in Tally in the same garnet sundress.


Divas and Devils: Diva and Devils is a little salty and a little sweet. They make trendy grunge look exceptionally glamorous in this shabby chic boutique. Add some 70’s vibes to your style with a pair of flare jeans, a distressed tee and some platform wedges to help you walk confidently into the stadium. Because as they say at Divas and Devils, “Walk in peace, and do it with style.”

No matter your style or your preferences for game day attire, I think we can all agree we look best in GARNET and GOLD and whatever you wear, just make sure you’re cheering for the Seminoles!


Corrin Harris Florida State University Tallahassee Florida ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: CORRIN HARRIS; Junior; FSU ’19

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