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Student Discount Blog Article

Everyone loves a discount, especially if you’re a student! I’m not sure about you but I’m always looking for the nearest coupon or clearance rack! Discounts are one of the many things in life that bring us all joy. Luckily for you and I, there are actually discounts specifically for us, yes us! Real student discounts. No more signing up for sale emails or writing down your name to be drawn for a grand discount! Most of your favorite retail stores and local restaurants offer discounts that require absolutely nothing besides a valid student ID! Searching for the cheapest bus ticket back home for the weekend or picking up a few items to spruce up your style on campus won’t seem so costly after reading this article. I hope that you’re be able to penny pinch at least a little more than you could before reading this. Read at your own risk, you could potentially save yourself some money. Whether you go to FSU, FAMU, TCC, or just live in Tallahassee, we have the deals for you!

Food, Fashion, Fun, and more



Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off (with valid student id)  buffalo wild wings student discount

Chick-Fil-A – offers a free drink (with valid student id)  chick-fil-a student discount

Chipotle – some locations allow a free small drink, others 15% off (with valid student id) Chipotle student discount



Geico, Nationwide, and State Farm – offer a “good grade discount” and requires that you’re under the age of 25, a full-time student, and have an average of a 3.0 or higher!

Greyhound – 10% off fare (with student id), also offers student advantage card that can save you a ton with other companies.

Jiffy Lube – offers a 10% discount at select locations


Alex and Ani – 10% off an in-store purchase (non-clearance items)  alex and ani student discount

Topshop – 10% off of online orders topshop student discount

Banana Republic – 15% off an in-store purchase

Forever 21 – 10% off online purchases

J.Crew – 15% off an in-store purchase

Kate Spade – 15% off any purchase


Entertainment: Music, PC, etc.

Apple Music – offers a student discount that requires you to register through your university email to access apple music for just $5 a month!

Spotify and Hulu student discount

Spotify & Hulu – Music and movies, the perfect combination! Spotify now offers a student discount of $5 a month for both Spotify and Hulu!

Norton – offers up to 50% off on protection software

Logitech – offers 30% off on all purchases online

Lenovo – offers student discounts by identifying yourself as a student at your university.

Apple offers constant discount with valid student ID on most computer and iPad purchases. apple education student discount

Books, Packages, and more

college student shipping disocunts

Amazon – offers amazon prime for students for up to 6 months (includes free shipping the entire duration of the 6 months).

Fed-Ex – offers up to 30% off documents and 20% off shipping

The Wall Street Journal & The New York Times – offers $1 a week rate for online access (The Wall street Journal gives you digital and print delivery access).


Miscellaneous Discounts

New Leaf – offers 5% off of your purchase on Wednesdays (with valid student id) new leaf student discount

Namaste Yoga, Tallahassee, FL – $10 student discount sessions (with valid student id)namaste yoga student discount


Never feel hesitant about asking a local food spot or gift shop about any student discounts that they may offer, I mean after all, we deserve it!

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Oriana Plummer FAMU Student Blog








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