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FSU Parent's Weekend

Parents Weekend is the time to show your parents why you chose FSU to be your new home. Give them a feel of that Seminole spirit we all love! Why not give them the ultimate Tallahassee tour? Show them the best places to eat, drink and even party!


FSU Warchant

  • The sooner you purchase your Parents Weekend football tickets the better! Experiencing game with your parents by your side is the ultimate feeling! The same way you purchase your student ticket is the same way you can purchase your parents ticket, just add a guest!

Tallahassee’s Finest Dining

  • Legendary Spear It
    • This new establishment exudes true Seminole spirit with its go well known dish “The Freshmen 15”, it is a MUST try dish that everyone in town talks about.
  • Midtown Caboose
    • Midtown Caboose is known as one of the most unique burger restaurants in town! They have the most unlikely burger combinations that taste like heaven when you take a bite. Owned by the same people as Well’s Brothers Bar and Grill!
  • Madison Social
    • Madison Social or “Madso” as some may call it, is, an iconic spot for brunch. This restaurant has a laid back vibe and very refreshing menu items. If brunch isn’t your thing maybe Happy Hour is; Madison Social is known for their legendary happy hour drinks, especially the Madison Mule.
      • Madison Social Tallahassee FSU







  • Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille
    • A perfect way to end the weekend, is a trip to Harrys. This restaurant is inspired off of the New Orleans cuisine, that overlooks downtown Tallahassee.
  • TallyMacShack
    • Tallahassee’s newest food truck is here! This food truck serves specialty Mac n Cheese dishes. Give this place a try with their gourmet Mac n Cheese.
      • TallyMacShack






The Places to Be

  • Railroad Square Art Park
    • This under the radar spot is the ONLY place to be on a Friday night for the “First Friday Hop Shop”. This evening is all about the arts and hopping from the different art shops. Learn about the local Tallahassee artist showcase their artwork: clothes, paintings and many more.
  • Lake Ella
    • Lake Ella is a place to bring your parents to enjoy what nature has to offer with the grand lake. There are multiple small stores that still unique crafts, but one store that you cannot resist going inside of would have to be Big Easy Snowball. These delicious treats are known in the Tallahassee community especially on Florida State’s campus.
      • Lake Ella Tallahassee





  • FSU Circus
    • Bring your parents to a MUST see student production circus! Parents must purchase their tickets online or at the venue, however advance purchase saves you the trouble of potentially not being able to get a ticket.





  • The Rez
    • Let your parents experience the beautiful nature of Tallahassee at the Rez. Your parents have the opportunity to paddle boat, canoe and take a swim. The Rez also has an obstacle course your parents can take on, if they register in advance.

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Taylor Knight FSU Correspondent Tally Student Survival







Taylor Knight, Florida State University Correspondent, Class of 2019

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