Getting Adjusted in College…

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Getting Adjusted to College Blog

Getting Adjusted in College…

While it take some students no time at all to get adjusted to the college life, some of us  it takes a bit of time. Being away from home can be difficult for a lot of incoming students. Finding a sense of “home” becomes a bit difficult. Homesickness. How can students make the adjustment easier?


– Talk frequently with Loved ones back home.

Talking with your family from back home helps keep a piece of home close to you. This helps you better cope with the feeling of being homesick.

– Joining on campus organizations that best fit your lifestyle.

Being involved in things that best fit your lifestyle promotes you to be a happier you. This also keeps you busy which leaves less time to reflect on homesickness

– Connect with friends that have similar interests to you.

Having friends with similar interests as you allows you to better relate to someone and creates an easier adjustment. They may feel the same way you do.

Think POSITIVELY. In college you create some of your best memories and long life friends.

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