Floating in the Relaxation Abyss

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Driftaway Float Center Tallahassee Florida

Stephen Curry at Driftaway

A Day at the Spa in Tallahassee

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to experience my first massage. As a victim of constant back aches, it was a life-changing experience. Since that fateful day in late March, I have been on the hunt for other remedies for my aches. As a sports fan, I was aware of all sorts of relaxation techniques and various chambers these superstar athletes step in for an immediate heal, but I never thought any of these methods would be readily available to me. Enter Tallahassee’s newest Spa: Driftaway Float Center.

Relaxing like a Superstar

As seen above, Steph Curry obviously gets the superstar treatment, and as soon as I found out about the Driftaway Float Center, I decided that I, and my back, deserved the superstar treatment as well. I immediately reached out to Jeff, the owner. He directed me to their website, where booking an appointment was simple. Once I arrived, Jeff dropped some serious knowledge on me. The Center itself opened in late July of this year, but Jeff has been researching relaxation and healing techniques for years and actually stumbled across the float pods in the quest for his own relief. He also let me know that at any time, the pod contains over 1000lbs of Epson salt, making the water denser than the Dead Sea!
Driftaway Float Center Tallahassee Florida

No Gravity, No Pain

Jeff let me know that the thought behind the pod is by suspending yourself and removing gravity from the equation, you are able to give all of your muscles and joins a much-needed break. Finally, it was my time to get in the pod. Before getting in a quick shower is needed, then it’s pod time! I laid in, and thanks to warning from Jeff, was careful not to get the extremely salty water in my eyes. Soon I closed the lid and was suspended in complete darkness. The silence and removal of light relieves all of your senses, allowing your mind to focus inward and really begin to relax. It seemed like 5 minutes had passed when Jeff notified me through the intercom my hour had passed. I gathered my composure, exited the pod, and took another quick shower to get all the salt and such off of me. It was at this point I realized, I was pain-free! No back aches. No neck pains! All in all, this was an excellent and affordable experience. I would recommend the Driftaway Float Center for anyone searching to experience one of the best Spas in Tallahassee.

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Jeff, Owner of Driftaway Float Center


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