FAMU Set Friday

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FAMU Set Friday

One of the many cherished events of Friday here at FAMU is our very own “Set Friday”. Students, clubs, organizations, vendors, and faculty come from every side of campus to attend. From 12pm-4pm there’s a DJ playing every song that you simply can’t resist dancing or nodding to, vendors (mostly students) showcasing their brand or product (s), and clubs and organizations representing & publicizing events or activities that are soon to come.

Set Friday at Florida A &M University

Set Friday” actually started as “Market Friday” back in 1993 with the intent of creating a space for student entrepreneurs to market and sell their items. The selling and organization aspect created a foundation for what evolved to a more social setting.

Set Friday was  my first genuine connection with Florida A & M University. An atmosphere with such unity builds or strengthens your love for your institution, whether it was there before or not. We’re constantly being schooled on networking and how essential it is to us as adults in our personal and work lives. What better way to reiterate it than to provide us with an occasion every Friday to execute?!

If you haven’t got a chance to be a part of Set Friday or see what it’s about, these captivating and invigorating vlogs below will give you all you need to feel that you just may have experienced your very first Set Friday, enjoy!

Vlog 1

Vlog 2

Below are also a few testimonials from FAMU students who’ve experienced Set Friday:

“I feel that it’s another way for us to unite as a school and culture at large and to enjoy our community and glorify how great of an institution we are as well as the students who attend.” –  Dontonique Jackson

“Set Friday is one of my most favorable memories to tell my children about. Being a part of an organization allowed the impact to be greater for me and I can honestly say the feeling is… crazy. I’m still as excited for the Set Fridays, as if it were my very first time. Just one of the many reasons I love FAMU.” – Chelsea Terry

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