5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I was a Freshman

August 3, 2017 Students Advice, College, Freshman

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Transitioning from high school to college is one of the most vital and drastic changes you will experience in your life. Entering a world full of responsibilities and leaving behind your adolescent years of solely relying on your parents for everything, isn’t always the easiest. Our parents and loved ones try to prepare us as much as they can but fail to realize that surviving on a new campus consist of more than “Not forgetting to attend class”. The issues we face as students, and most importantly as incoming freshmen, surpass walking into the wrong 8 am or waiting in the infamous, tiresome financial aid lines. Here’s a few helpful nuggets that no one thought to tell me as a freshmen but definitely made my life 10 times easier once I discovered them and I hope that it does the same for you. Enjoy!

1. Get your text books at your local public library or a sister state college

Finding textbooks for class can be a frustrating and straining process, both mentally and financially! Luckily our universities have a few alternative options that can help you save quite a bit! As a student at Florida A & M or FSU, you are eligible for a book borrowing system called “Uborrow”. Uborrow allows you to request materials directly from participating libraries within Florida’s state university system.

What if the item I requested is not available?

If the item you requested is not available at any of the libraries in the state university system, there are some other ways to get the materials that you need, such as:

  • Leon County Public Library
  • State Library & Archives
  • Center for Research Libraries Catalog
  • Reciprocal Borrowing (Florida colleges and universities) Library.

2. No food or money?! FAMU’s health centers’ got your back!

Running out of food while in college is simply a norm to those of us who have endured a semester or two already. Sometimes there are some students who suffer hard times just as anyone would along this journey. FAMU has an on-site food pantry stocked with non-perishable items that students may visit if they need food. Student Health Services understands the need for food and also understands the financial bind that some students may face. They have also partnered with Farm Share Quincy and Panera Bread to offer fresh foods and bread weekly.

During the fall and spring, they give out free food every Tuesday to any current Florida A & M student. So if you happen to be close to student health service center on a Tuesday, stop by the table set up right outside and grab a few items to get you through the week!

Who is eligible to visit the food pantry?

All students that are in need of food may visit the food pantry.

3. Get Microsoft Office for FREE!

Most of us have had these applications downloaded, renewed, and payed for by the time we’ve graduated high school. On top of the many obligations we have, this one would be most essential and beneficial to you excelling in your studies. Microsoft Office software is included for free in your Office 365 subscription as long as you’re a student or employee at Florida A&M University or Florida State University. You can download these applications on up to 5 devices! Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all available to access on your laptop. Check out the download pages in the links below!

4. FAMU Recreation Center for Fitness

If you’ve been striving to live a healthier lifestyle or would like to get a head start on what’s known to be “The Freshman 15”, FAMU’s Recreation Center has something special to offer. The Rattler Fitness Team can assist you through the variety of services offered, such as FREE One-On-One Fitness Orientations, FREE Body Composition (Body Fat) Testing, and regular Educational Presentations & Physical Competitions.

What is a One-On-One Fitness Orientation?

One-On-One Fitness Orientation is where a Certified Fitness Trainer or Fitness Training Intern will design a personalized fitness program based on your personal goals and desires. The Trainer will also show you how to perform these exercises with proper form & technique, allowing you to be self-sufficient when you come into the facility.

How do I sign-up?

Just stop by the Fitness Counter at the FAMU Recreation Center. Trainers & Interns are available throughout the day, making the process quite convenient and readily accessible to you.

5. Locking Your Keys in the Car

One of the most common problems everyone will face in their fast-paced colligate careers, is locking their keys in their cars! Calling expensive pop-a-lock companies and enduring the long wait, isn’t something that would be in your best interest if you’ve got a class in 30 minutes! Call FAMU’s campus safety and security department to the rescue!

Famu’s campus safety and security department’s mission is to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff on campus at all times. They also work to make sure that the students are assisted in any way possible. One of the various and very much appreciated services they provide, is unlocking your locked keys out of your vehicle FOR FREE! Yes, you heard me very clear, for free. This service isn’t advertised as much as it should be but it does indeed exist! So if ever in a hurry and you happen to lock your keys in your car, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Feel free to contact any of the departments listed below for any further concerns:


  • Recreational Center – (850)-412-7281/850-599-3785
  • IT Support – (850) -599-3560
  • Student Health – (850)-599-3777
  • Libraries – (850)-599-3330
  • Campus & Security Department – (850)- 599-3256


  • IT Support – 850-644-HELP(4357)
  • Libraries– 850-644-2706


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