3 Keys to happiness: How to Grow & Glow

November 10, 2017 Students College Life, College Student Blog

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Every day you wake up, hit snooze, stretch, scratch you head and maybe even your lower back (which always does the trick for me), you open the door to an abundant amount of possibilities and opportunities. It is safe to say that as a young adult your life could appear to be in shambles… just about every day. We can all hold “adulting” responsible for that.

The idea that you must now place your dependent adolescent days behind you is in full effect. You make your own appointments, pay your own bills, and most essentially hold yourself accountable for decisions and actions of your own. As tough as that may seem, take note that even if adulting is going well for you, you still have your social, love, and school life to be concerned about.

Everyone’s journey is unique and subject to change in which we all would agree. You may hit a bump in the road while on your walk but why let that stop your show? The party still goes on! Here’s a few ways to make sure that you’re growing, glowing, and choosing happiness in the midst.


Create a healthy & positive lifestyle

Student Health and Wellness

Positivity plays a tremendous role in living a healthy and happy life. Emitting positive energy within your thoughts, words, and actions will allow you to make habit of just that.

Little things like pinning positive quotes and affirmations on Pintrest or writing uplifting quotes down on sticky notes (mary jane taught me that lol) seems miniscule to the task at hand but I’ve found them to be very helpful.

Surrounding yourself with positive individuals allow room for the happy shift in your lifestyle. Contrary to belief the company you keep is vital to your well-being.

Your internal and external relationships aren’t the only things that require nurturing. Take care of your body! “You are what you eat” is in fact a valid statement.

Student Health and Wellness

Making sure you’re consuming an adequate amount of water and maintaining a proper diet is key to the healthy and positive lifestyle you’re trying to obtain.


Let go & Let God

  Student Health and Wellness

I have yet to master not worrying about things I can’t control but I’ve made the conscious effort to begin doing so and it’s been working for me.

Worrying can just about drive you insane if you let it. Once I began to strive for a deeper depth in my faith, I revealed the importance of “letting go and letting God”. Holding onto things you have absolutely no control is an issue most of us face. God doesn’t want us worrying about what he already has under control. Why stress when all he requires is faith and he’ll do the rest?

Being human does allow us to forget that at times but continuing to build your faith and endurance to withstand all that life has to throw at you creates the attainability of actually letting go.

Letting go of toxic relationships and situations is also conducive to obtaining happiness. We often deprive ourselves of the joy we’re capable of having because of choosing to hold onto the very things that hinder us from genuinely being happy.

No, it isn’t a piece of cake at first. I’d be lying if I said that but it’ll be worth it in the end.


Appreciate and acknowledge what has gone and what is still to come.

Student Health and Wellness

“I am my own biggest critic. Before anyone else has criticized me, I have already criticized myself. But for the rest of my life, I am going to be with me and I don’t want to spend my life with someone who is always critical. So I am going to stop being my own critic. It’s high time that I accept all the great things about me.” – C. Joybell C.

If there was an opportunity or condition that failed in the past, that doesn’t mean that every opportunity that awaits you will follow suit. Everything will not always go the way you would like or how you planned, it’s just not the way life works.

Newsflash, life isn’t fair.

Note that everything that took place in your life had purpose. Most times you won’t be able to comprehend this in that moment or season. I truly believe God didn’t intend for you to. I mean if you think about it, where’s the fun in knowing exactly why everything in your life is happening at that exact moment. Being appreciative of the times that precede you whether good or bad, creates a sense that better is to come. Which normally is proven to be factual.

The key to remaining happy is remaining consistent with optimism.

Dwelling on the past hinders us from the bright possibilities of the future. You haven’t even become who you’ll be, don’t be so tough on yourself, relax.

You will fail and succeed probably more times than you could count, but there’s growth in it all. The most valuable factor of life is knowing how to get up after every fall.


Tis the season to grow and glow!

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