11 Things You Should Expect Coming to FSU

August 24, 2017 Students florida state university, new student

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1. CLUB STROZ OPEN 24/7. Once Mid-terms hits, Club Stroz will become your 2nd home. There is no other place to study where you can have social hour with friends & take double espresso shots at the same time. However, if you’re trying to do some hard studying, the 1st floor of Strozier is not the spot. Definitely check out the upper level floors for some peace & quiet. Strozier is open 24 hours M-Th during school. Strozier Library closes at 6pm on Fridays and then opens again 10am-6pm Saturday and opens back up for the week at noon on Sunday.

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2. AVOID BOOKSTORES. The biggest regret most people have their freshmen year is purchasing textbooks for $300 when they could have got it for $50. Join different FSU Facebook Groups where different students sell slightly used textbooks for a major discount! Facebook groups to check out: @FSU2021 @FSU2020 @FSU Craigslist. Renting is a great option also. Chegg can really help in that department!

3. DOLLAR TREE IS YOUR FRIEND. Dollar Tree is one of the most resourceful stores for college students, where else can you find deals like this… NO WHERE! People don’t realize the Dollar Tree sells household supplies, décor, pet supplies & even food. Don’t sleep on Dollar Tree; especially if you dipped into next week’s budget

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4. 1K MEAL PLAN DOWN THE DRAIN. Although not having to cook for a whole year sounds desirable, it doesn’t sound as good when you start eating the dining hall food. After two weeks, your taste buds begin to regret the so called delicious food. The best thing to do, is to buy food & cook it yourself. This method saves money & gives you more options on things you can eat.

5. EVERYONE IS SUPER FRIENDLY. Everyone is just as excited as you to make friends, so don’t hold back! The easiest ways to make friends as a freshman is to get to know the people in your dorm hall, they will eventually become family. Even joining FSU2021 GROUPME before coming to the school you will meet TONS of people who can’t wait to meet you & start these wild college adventures.

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6. ENTERTAINMENT ON LANDIS. Don’t be alarmed when you see students doing tight rope tricks, playing Harry Potter’s favorite game Quidditch or even yoga. These is the typical FSU activities, don’t be afraid to ask if you can join; most of these activities are actually organizations or programs on campus, like the Circus.

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7. DISCOUNTED FOOD. Tallahassee has a MILLION apps out there that can save you some money while you eat some delicious food such as the HOOKED app. This app gives you all of the discounted food deals of the day, my favorite deal would have to be Burrito Border’s $1 Tacos on Tuesdays. Another good app is POCKET POINTS; you gain discount points for staying off your phone; the more points you accumulate the better discount deals you get.

8. LEG DAY EVERYDAY. If you were worried about missing leg day this semester, don’t be worried because with all the hills on campus your calves will be in fighting trim.

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9. I CHANGED MY MAJOR THREE TIMES. Most people change their major at least three times coming into college, don’t worry about it. We often choose majors without actually knowing what it’s all about. As you get older and experience different classes, your interests will become more clear.

10. BECOMING A HOARDER. Be prepared for TONS of free stuff every week whether its Union Wednesday, Housing Fair, Study Abroad Fair or just a random Jimmy John employee giving out free sandwiches… JUST TAKE IT.

11. BECOMING BEST FRIENDS WITH YOUR PROFFESSORS. The best tip to passing a class, would be to attend your professor’s office hours, it comes a long way TRUST ME. A professor will look out for a student 10X more if they come to office hours, especially if you need a grade rounded up from 88.8 to 90.5.

By: Taylor Knight

Taylor Knight FSU Correspondent Tally Student Survival

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